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You are interested in building a website or a mobile application, in integration with third-party APIs and services, in search engines optimization or social media promotion, in applying unique design or developing your company brand...? Everything is possible.

Unique site design & company brand.

Unique site design & company brand

Go for a friendlier and more convenient site design. Drive more traffic to your website, increase return visitors.

Building a website or a mobile application.

Building a website or a mobile application

Ready website solutions by Pilot Group Ltd. are available as open source where any code adjustment is possible. We can help you build a mobile module for your website as well as develop a mobile application so you can access it from mobile phone or tablet.

Third-party APIs & services.

Third-party APIs & services

Have any service API or a third-party product integrated into your PG script. Configure your dream website.

Search engines optimization & social media promotion .

Search engines optimization & social media promotion

Attract new customers from search engines and social networks. Increase your coverage and revenue.

Our team.

Our team

If you choose us, you will get:
Better quality and higher work speed. Over 10 years in IT business. Affordable prices. A personal manager to consult and keep you informed of the work progress. Various ways of contact with project manager: chat, phone or email. Our clients and that's just the top of the iceberg. Legal documents available upon request (custom development agreement, transfer and acceptance acts, etc.)

Freelance community.

Freelance community

After you post a job in a freelance community, you will start receiving contractor applications for your job. Contractor applications include verified work histories, feedback ratings, pay rate data, work experience, and other information to help you evaluate applicants. All freelance platforms let you hire, manage, and pay your online contractors.

Are you a developer or designer?.

Are you a developer or designer?

We are proud to introduce the new Job Site pro solution, developed on our own platform PG Core. You are welcome to submit your modules / extensions based on PG Core and sell them for a fee or offer them for free distribution. We will demand a small commission. If you are interested, please submit a ticket. Member of our team will get in contact shortly. We will test and approve your module / extension and post it on our product pages.

Describe your idea. The more information we have, the faster your project will start.
All is possible.

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